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This is online quotations calculator for windows made of PVC, aluminium and wood.
We present you the online service that was developed for windows resellers, windows manufacturers, suppliers of components for windows manufacture; and also for profile and other components manufacturers.
Here are several functions of the service Window Online Calculator

Creation of components catalogue

Unlimited number of profiles, furniture, double glazing and other components allows you offering your clients unlimited number of quotations.

Placement on websites, blogs, forums, social networks

Online calculator can be easily placed on your website, on your partner's website, in social networks and other Internet resources. To do it you don't need to hire some professionals, just copy the code that can be found in your account and paste it on the resource where you need windows quotations calculator.

Get emails from your potential clients on your email

Window Online Calculator gives your potential customer a possibility to contact you per email directly via the calculator.

Access to the statistics of calculator usage

You will always stay informed as for how many potential clients have used the calculator and at what time.

Easy and intuitive interface

Slogan of online calculator is "Easy usage, stable operation".
User interface was developed with account of its usage by people who feel uneasy when working at computer.

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